St Jean Historical Mural 2019-20

I started this wall in 2019 and finished it in 2020.  It is located on the side of Bigway Grocers in St. Jean, Manitoba and depicts the entire town, both historical and contemporary aspects; Ice road, quad derby, divided boulevard, the cathedral, the 1950 flood, the bridge, farm yards, the convent, the graineries and the ferry.  Thanks to Sonja Wiebe for helping me prime the wall and thanks to Pat Schmicke, owner of Bigway in St Jean for funding it.

Here is a view of the wall in 2020 after I added more details.
Here is a detail of Tessier’s Garage and the notable FLOOD OF 1950.
This is another detail of the 1950 FLOOD and the extent that residents went to just to get supplies. This was declared a national disaster and the government of Canada sent army troops to help. St Jean Baptiste Cathedral is a wonderful place to worship. It is a Catholic Church that has services in french. What a breathe of fresh air. I really enjoy the architecture, language and culture of this little town.

Above is a selfie of me painting it. This is the second time I painted this wall. I had painted it years ago. Let’s hope I did a better job this time?

Graphic Salmon, a mural in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, 2019


Graphic Salmon is a mural which is painted on the back alley of a commercial building on 773 Victoria Street, Kamloops, British Columbia (while teaching at NorKam Senior Secondary).  West Way Plumbing and Heating kindly commissioned this mural to stop tagging and brighten up the rear of the building which is attached to a parking lot.    You get a great view while sitting in Dairy Queen or driving west.  Many thanks to Neal and Tonja Perry for their generous contribution to the community.



This is a mural which I just completed in the town of Morris, Manitoba (2018) and it took 2 months.  It is located on the north-facing wall of 654 Main Street.  It is painted on the side of Bigway Grocers and represents the various activities that take place during the rodeo every summer; chuck wagon races, barrel racing, bull riding, bronco busting and calf roping.  It also historically depicts the building of the grandstands in 1961, logos and the clown.  I would like to thank Bigway Grocers, the Town of Morris, the Government of Manitoba (Heritage Grant and Hometown Grant), Take Pride Winnipeg, Morris District Museum, Valley Agricultural Society, the RM of Morris and Dr. Manness for their financial support.  Discounts were given by Home Hardware and TOC Rentals.  I would also like to thank my team of apprentice artists: Mason MacIvor and Manny Wiebe for their excellent artistic ability and Jun Lei for volunteering for one day.  Also held during this time was the Community in Bloom Conference which I was able to speak at.  The mural launch was held on the same weekend and I appreciate all those who attended.  Also, I would like to thank the Honourable Shannon Martin; MLA for Morris Constituency, the Town of Morris Mayor; Gavin Vanderlind, Tom Ethans; Executive Director of Take Pride Winnipeg and Pat Schmitke; Owner of Bigway Grocers for attending and saying a few words.  I also adore all the press I got!  Thanks a bunch. – Sincerely, Sarah Collard





News clippings from Winnipeg Freepress, The Carillon, Southeast Journal and Pembina Valley Online.:


My son Manny Wiebe’s first wall: Chicken Chef, Morris, MB

Located on Main Street, Morris, MB (near the post office).  Thanks to Chicken Chef and Take Pride Winnipeg for sponsoring this wall in 2017 [Manny started painting walls with me when he was 13 years old.  This is his first wall that he was supposed to design and paint on his own.  He also received all the money for it].  At the time, he was attending Morris Public School where he took photography and digital pictures and learned to use photo-editing equipment.  For this design, we took a walk down to the Red River shoreline in Morris and we took photographs of the water and how it accents the land, forming a sandy beach. Manny had taken some nice sunsets of it and my daughter Sonja had volunteered a lot at the Manitoba Stampede.  Manny worked for the Town of Morris taking pictures and posting them on the website.  He took some great ones of the Ferris Wheel so he collaged it with the sunset beach and historical photographs of the native chiefs who first settled the area.  I painted about half of the wall.  He liked to wait until 1 pm to start painting but I thought it was too hot.  I helped him anyways.   In reality, we split the work in half.

StART Underpass Mural; Brookbanks Drive and Three Valleys Drive, Toronto






Ravine side and Trillium side movie

There are two sides to this Underpass mural which was commissioned in 2016.  The first side is entitled ” Trillium Path” and the other side is “Morning Ride”.  They are painted in an impressionistic manner utilizing pointillism and colour induction ideals popularized by George Seurat and Claude Monet.  There are hints of the Group of Seven, Tom Thompson, Emily Carr and Woodland Native Artists. It hosts Ontario’s provincial flower; the Trillium, Toronto’s historical houses such as the Brick Works, the Old Mill, the log cabin and references to Evergreen.  Many school children pass by this mural daily making it a treat for the young and old.  5,000 square feet.  16 ft tall.  This is my breakthrough mural.  Both my children Sonja and Manny helped me paint this wall and we flew back and forth to Toronto which was lots of fun.  One of Sonja’s friends name Laney also helped to paint the black bird.

Stonewall Collegiate: student mural

Stonewall mural left side unfinished  squares with scaff

Students at Stonewall Collegiate in Stonewall, Manitoba have painted a mural to depict the cross pollination of cultures, a First Nations mural.  The school was given a grant to involve Aboriginal students in the idea forming and painting of this mural, so they hired me to help.  I got students to divide the space into a grid and draw each square individually.  It depicts Lieutenant Archibald signing Treaty One with Red Eagle  (Mis-koo-ki-new), an Aboriginal elder as well as the effects of the fur trade, European inhabitation, a drumming circle, Manitoba Residential Schools, the Star Blanket and the Seven Sacred Teachings.  Stonewall has a large number of Metis, First Nations students.  The original school is blended onto the coin in the centre, which depicts collaboration with a handshake.