Jack Daniels Mural

Located at the corner of Archibald and Marion, in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I painted this in July, 2015.  The photo below is a detail.  You will need to go the murals of Winnipeg website:  www.themuralsofwinnipeg.com to find out more.  Depicted under the guitar is Sweet Alibi, an all-girls, contemporary Winnipeg Band.  They often sing at the Winnipeg Folk Fest.  This mural was sponsored by Jack Daniels and includes many paraphernalia of this Southern Distillery.  Their goal was to attract a younger audience.  When I was painting this mural, the weather was super hot and the Winnipeg Folk Festival was on.  I was trying to paint fast so Festival goers would have something to look at on their way home.  It was originally supposed to depict more musicians and be located on the side of the Palamino Club on Portage Avenue but the mural site was changed due to extensive renovations.

detail of guitarist f



Restoration 2014: “Peoples of the Past” Islington mural

I painted this mural in 2008 as part of funding from the City of Toronto and the Village of Islington BIA.  It was my first mural in Toronto.  There was a little damage to the bottom of the wall, where the salt hit the snow during winter.  The frame was also in pretty bad shape.  It was tongue and groove and did not weather well.  It began to fall off in parts.  There was water damage due to the way the water drains from the top of the building.  Its flow line runs on the right corner of a couple murals, discolouring the stain on the frame and rotting the wood.  Apparently I did not use exterior wood on the frame. The panels themselves are coated well with primer and are in good shape.  The mural faded slightly and I think a few more details would improve the look.  There was a crack on the seam line.  This mural was painted on panels which were attached to the wall.  I had used wood filler to fill the cracks and even out the painting.  Over time this buckled a little, attracting moisture and lifting.

The Islington historical society came up with a grand idea to paint murals based from old photographs of the Islington area. This wall was part of their efforts. John Kuna has painted the majority of murals in this area and it is a testament to his great skill and painting ability. I was honoured to have the opportunity to join this great outdoor art gallery.

I completed a restoration on the wall, replacing frames, patching and repainting areas. See if you notice an improvement? It is located at 4884 Dundas Street West in Toronto, just at the base of highway 427 and the QEW. Go and have a look because it is a wonderful creative haven with exquisite murals. Below are after photos.



I used solid wood for the frames and I was able to add more detail to the Appleby Orchard (far left) and Islington’s First Car (middle bottom).

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A painting which I created for my Mom’s birthday was used as the cover for this 2015 calendar.  You may find it at www.multifaithcalendar.org

You can order your own copy for next year!  It was published in Vancouver, British Columbia but represents artists all across Canada.  The theme is stillness.  So of course I portrayed a waterfall, “Little Davis Falls” which is one of Hamilton’s 100 waterfalls.  Enjoy! (Make sure you get your copy now before they run out!)