StART Underpass Mural; Brookbanks Drive and Three Valleys Drive, Toronto







Ravine side and Trillium side movie

There are two sides to this Underpass mural which was commissioned in 2016.  The first side is entitled ” Trillium Path” and the other side is “Morning Ride”.  They are painted in an impressionistic manner utilizing pointillism and colour induction ideals popularized by George Seurat and Claude Monet.  There are hints of the Group of Seven, Tom Thompson, Emily Carr and Woodland Native Artists. It hosts Ontario’s provincial flower; the Trillium, Toronto’s historical houses such as the Brick Works, the Old Mill, the log cabin and references to Evergreen.  Many school children pass by this mural daily making it a treat for the young and old.  5,000 square feet.  16 ft tall.  This is my breakthrough mural.

Stonewall Collegiate: student mural

Stonewall mural left side unfinished  squares with scaff

Students at Stonewall Collegiate in Stonewall, Manitoba have painted a mural to depict the cross pollination of cultures, a First Nations mural.  The school was given a grant to involve Aboriginal students in the idea forming and painting of this mural, so they hired me to help.  I got students to divide the space into a grid and draw each square individually.  It depicts Lieutenant Archibald signing Treaty One with Red Eagle  (Mis-koo-ki-new), an Aboriginal elder as well as the effects of the fur trade, European inhabitation, a drumming circle, Manitoba Residential Schools, the Star Blanket and the Seven Sacred Teachings.  Stonewall has a large number of Metis, First Nations students.  The original school is blended onto the coin in the centre, which depicts collaboration with a handshake.

SAY Magazine, Exterior Mural

IMG_0056 IMG_0058

The above mural was painted for SAY Magazine, a First Nations magazine located on Logan Avenue in Winnipeg during the summer of 2015.  I was still painting the Jack Daniel’s mural while I was drawing this one out.  I remember I was furiously in debt and needed to paint faster, to make more money.  The field represents the treaty land which was originally owned by First Nations people but signed over unknowingly in a disputable deal.  People on the inside of this circle represent many of the positive stories of local and international Aboriginals; letting go of their past and moving forward despite great odds.


Windsor Park Private Residence: Buchambilia


This is a small mural on the side of a garage in Windsor Park area of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I painted it during July of 2015, at the same time as the Jack Daniel’s exterior mural.  Phyllis commissioned this and it represents their former dog, their view from the hotel where they stay in Mexico and the buchambilia tree which is so prevalent in the area. It is on the corner of Fontaine Bay and De Bourmont Bay.

Vietnamese Refugee Mural

This mural is my most recent and it is a 1250 square foot mural located at 248 River Avenue, Winnipeg on the topic of Vietnamese refugees.  It has been well documented through CBC TV and the Winnipeg Free Press.  Funding came from Take Pride Winnipeg, Petersen and King, Councillor Jenny Gerbasi and Osborne Village BIZ.  Thanks very much for making it possible!

0MaquetteJoys pastels

This is my drawing or proposal, rendered in watercolour and pencil crayon.

0whole centre lg

This mural was completed October 2015 and received the Mural of the Year Award.  It represents the tumultuous journey of Tam, a Vietnamese Refugee who came to Canada in the 1970s and has helped several others come to Canada since.  He established the organization called CHKV, Canadians Helping Kids in Vietnam and it is their 40th Anniversary.  The left hand side shows refugees making the 5 -day journey, running from a war-torn country, eating little rations and arriving on the beach.  The media parallels this trek to the experience of many Syrian Refugees.


Jack Daniels Mural

Located at the corner of Archibald and Marion, in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I painted this in July, 2015.  The photo below is a detail.  You will need to go the murals of Winnipeg website: to find out more.  Depicted under the guitar is Sweet Alibi, an all-girls, contemporary Winnipeg Band.  They often sing at the Winnipeg Folk Fest.  This mural was sponsored by Jack Daniels and includes many paraphernalia of this Southern Distillery.  Their goal was to attract a younger audience.  When I was painting this mural, the weather was super hot and the Winnipeg Folk Festival was on.  I was trying to paint fast so Festival goers would have something to look at on their way home.  It was originally supposed to depict more musicians and be located on the side of the Palamino Club on Portage Avenue but the mural site was changed due to extensive renovations.

detail of guitarist f