The first mural was painted in 2010 by Sarah Collard. The second mural, as seen below was painted in 2020 by Sarah’s son Manny Wiebe (which was a decade later). He painted it inside my home studio in Morris, Manitoba during the winter months. The pandemic just began and I was pleased to have my two kids home with me. Manny and I sketched every day in April and Sonja took walks with us every day. It was a delight.

Above is an image of the actual mural, laid side by side. We used 5.5 panels that were 4 x 8ft making it 8ft x 22ft. This mural is installed on the opposite side of the building that the other mural was on. This one is very close to Birkdale Park.
This is Manny Wiebe in 2020, resting from his excellent work.

This is my studio in Morris, Manitoba and my son Manny painting. He took a time lapse video of himself painting it (click below). I did not paint one stroke of this. I am so proud of him. He even painted the logo and made a stencil of his name. We propped up 2 panels at once. Manny made the music for his video from scratch. He has been making beats and selling them. His real job is in computer graphics, special effects and animation and he is an excellent artist with wonderful technical skill.