During the month of April, I took the #inkpril2020 Challenge with my son Manny Wiebe. We endeavoured to sketch once a day for a month and post them on social media. We used Facebook and Instagram. It began with the art teacher at St Mary Catholic Secondary School in Dundas/Hamilton, Ontario posting createwithkiely on Instagram. Here are some of my sketches:

Flooding 2020 in Morris, Manitoba. Normally water would be 100 feet below street level.
These are my fruits and veggies which I eat every day.
Spoon jar with egg in it. (That is my Scottish upbringing)
This is my compassionate daughter whom I am very proud of.
These are my beautiful kids.
Fruit in Cathy Deluca’s plate.
Delicious apples. I think I reworked this but I can’t find the photo.
Have you got the fresh fruit and vegetable theme? Well I was just trying to draw what was in front of me – and as quick as I could. 30 minutes on average. We would compete to see who could get theirs done the quickest. Actually I was motivated to discover what he would do next – and what I would do.
Joan’s parents lived on Danforth Avenue in Aldershot (Burlington) and her mom had a guest bedroom that was filled with loons. So here is to that wonderful Harper family whom I miss.
Reading the word of God and being aware of the spiritual battle within.
Anne of Green Gables
Bob and Doug MacKenzie react to Coronavirus (a prairie perspective).
The magnificent Queen Mother with her kind words. Canada loves you very much.