I have completed my metal series and it is being exhibited at the Cre8ery Gallery in Winnipeg at 125 Adelaide Street during September 2021. There are 4 paintings in the series but I began with 3 paintings of nuts and bolts and called it the Handy Manny Series (previously). It started as a way to show students how to scale up a drawing and how to paint it, in a step by step manner. As I was teaching this great bunch of high school students at Mennonite Collegiate Institute, I tried to break down my process into comprehensive lessons (and prove that I can draw). I spent a lot of time teaching my son Manny so I was used to thinking in this way. I started off taking photographs of my friend’s metal shop; close up of motorcycles, parts, screws, nuts and engines. I had this vision of all these metal-like paintings filling the walls of his house [since he had bare walls]. Now, I have completed 4 and they are all up at the Cre8ery Gallery currently. http://www.cre8ery.com

Sarah Collard “Nuts and bolts 2: Hook” 2019 36″ x 48″
Sarah Collard “Nuts and Bolts 1: Washer” 2018 36″ x 48″
Sarah Collard “Nuts and Bolts 3: Toolbox” 2020 36″ x 48″
Sarah Collard “Nuts and Bolts 4: Underground” 2021 36″ x 48″

Above is the “Underground”, the 4th painting which I named after the subway system in London, England. The pencil says “Access” on it which is from the Access Credit Union but I like that there are hundreds of interpretations of what “cess” could be.

This is my logo which I designed for Collard Creations when I was in high school. This year I made a digital version of it and silkscreened T-shirts with the logo on it.