While I was perusing the City of Toronto StART website (where I am featured), a dentist contacted me and asked me if I would like to paint a mural on the side of his building located at 1244 Gerrard St East in Toronto, ON. We agreed on this image and I painted it in July 2021 while visiting my family. This was the first time I painted a mural after my dear father passed away. Here is the result:

Owners: Dr Rolf Kreher and Dr. Matthew Kreher, with the artist Sarah Collard in the middle. 2021. Latex on brick, 14 ft x 24 ft
This was an interesting wall because it had hydro wires right in the middle of the wall.
I had the wires professionally wrapped and the City of Toronto StART program was very kind to provide support. This mural is meant to give a visual retreat to the natural surroundings and remind us of cottage country just north of Toronto. I call it “Georgian Bay Pine” because it was emotionally difficult to paint this wall and overcome personal barriers.