I started this wall in 2019 and finished it in 2020.  It is located on the side of Bigway Grocers in St. Jean, Manitoba and depicts the entire town, both historical and contemporary aspects; Ice road, quad derby, divided boulevard, the cathedral, the 1950 flood, the bridge, farm yards, the convent, the graineries and the ferry.  Thanks to Sonja Wiebe for helping me prime the wall and thanks to Pat Schmicke, owner of Bigway in St Jean for funding it.

Here is a view of the wall in 2020 after I added more details.
Here is a detail of Tessier’s Garage and the notable FLOOD OF 1950.
This is another detail of the 1950 FLOOD and the extent that residents went to just to get supplies. This was declared a national disaster and the government of Canada sent army troops to help. St Jean Baptiste Cathedral is a wonderful place to worship. It is a Catholic Church that has services in french. What a breathe of fresh air. I really enjoy the architecture, language and culture of this little town.

Above is a selfie of me painting it. This is the second time I painted this wall. I had painted it years ago. Let’s hope I did a better job this time?