TUDOR BIRCH GROVE, Birch Cliff Mural, Mural Routes Ontario, 2012, 12’ x 25’, 1859 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON

This romantic birch grove is an idealistic look at Birch Cliff Village’s past, present and future.  The Birch Cliff area is planning to plant silver birch along its populated streets in an effort to bring the natural environment to its doorstep.  These noble goals connect with their past as this area was once filled with farmers fields, mature trees and a hunting club.  This welcoming design encourages one’s imagination to walk down the gravel road, smell the developing produce and admire the birch trees.  The hunting club was very active in this area and often held equestrian events.  In the mural, a horse travels along the outer track as if to turn and run up the lane.  When the mural is painted, the wall actually dips down a bit in this area (bottom right).  The way I designed it, allows for the road to be extended harmoniously.  Green and red hues were chosen to resemble the colours of Wimpy’s and to give an antique look.  There are many types of birch trees that grow in this area (alders, hazels and hornbeams) many of which are depicted in the mural.  Birch Cliff is known for its English tutor  styled homes making it a desired area to live in.  The airy white background is suggestive of Lake Ontario with the Scarborough bluffs in a distance.