This is the last Ford Motor Vehicle in the series entitled “Vehicular Traffic” and it represents the Canadian social behaviour of gambling.  I used the popular game of blackjack, which is commonly played in Casinos across Canada and is also known as the card game “21” which most people play as kids.  Originating in France, blackjack became popular around the same time as the Model T Ford was distributed (1908 – 1927) The Roaring Twenties; a period of flappers and gangsters with fedora’s, pearls and hats.  Three gentleman play in the rear of the vehicle, with one winning the jackpot.  In the front section, an aboriginal man helps a Phillipino woman understand the game.  The central figures are an experimental element representing an abstract manner in which I depict figures playing cards.  In some of my abstract paintings, I combine blind contour drawings with brilliant colour to create a cartoon look.  This was done to show the creative process of how paintings are made.  I always thought the perfect painting would have evidence of different layers of the painting process, realistic, partially rendered and beginning drawing lines.  This is my effort towards that ideal.