Here is the 6th painting in the series of 10 Ford Motor Vehicles spanning a decade in the 100 year history of the Ford Motor Company in Canada. The Oakville plant is now primarily building F150’s. The social behaviour painted onto the shaped canvas is of Praise and Worship, a positive Canadian behaviour.  I nicknamed it “Religious Redneck” because that is how people referred to us in Swan River, Manitoba: a small, remote town in northern Manitoba. Most of the musicians are part of Hillsongs Australia: an entire church dedicated to music ministry. This has effected how many “do” church in Canada.  They honour God with really cool, funky music and biblical lyrics. It has always been a passion of mine and I think I own most of their CD’s?  Over the past 20 years, large mega-churches have sprouted up across our country.  Springs Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Koinania Christian Fellowship in Bloomingdale, Ontario are two spirit-contemporary churches.  That means their messages are biblically based, poignant, relative and geared to meeting the needs of today’s youth, children and adults.  Traditional hymns have been replaced with praise and worship songs, created and sung by contemporary musicians and bands.  Many have been rejuvenated as their faith has grown relevant to every day life.