Located at the corner of Archibald and Marion, in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I painted this in July, 2015.  The photo below is a detail.  You will need to go the murals of Winnipeg website:  www.themuralsofwinnipeg.com to find out more.  Depicted under the guitar is Sweet Alibi, an all-girls, contemporary Winnipeg Band.  They often sing at the Winnipeg Folk Fest.  This mural was sponsored by Jack Daniels and includes many paraphernalia of this Southern Distillery.  Their goal was to attract a younger audience.  When I was painting this mural, the weather was super hot and the Winnipeg Folk Festival was on.  I was trying to paint fast so Festival goers would have something to look at on their way home.  It was originally supposed to depict more musicians and be located on the side of the Palamino Club on Portage Avenue but the mural site was changed due to extensive renovations.

detail of guitarist f