People from our Past, 19′ x 31′, latex on panel, 4884 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON, 2008

“People from Our Past”

Site 1: 4884 Dundas St. West

How often do the glamorous, exotic aspects of our society gain precedence while the real, day to day living seems overlooked?  Beauty is in the simple things.  It is the pride of a job well done, laborious hours working together for a common goal to find the reward at the end well worth the time and effort.  The Bingham Family Orchards is an example of receiving the fruit of one’s labour as the packers look on to the bountiful harvest.  The Village Shoemaker; an integral part of the community is found proudly mending and building shoes.  These men are eagerly working, enjoying every aspect of their trade.  The Appleby family showcases Islington’s first car, a privilege and novelty.  Going for a ride at mid-day or for a Sunday stroll was an enjoyed activity, a community connection, a prize well deserved.  “Sunday Afternoon” is a slice of life, an ordinary event in the life of a 1940’s family.  The Moorhouse family verandah is filled with all generations gathering to enjoy the nice weather, each enthralled with individual activities.  The children nestle on mother’s lap to read a book, leaving the building blocks aside.  The eldest girl listens from afar while her father reads the local newspaper.  An orchard picker is seen in the background.  People from our Past is a mural that exhibits several artistic renderings of historical photographs borrowed from Etobicoke archives.

There will be four impressionistic paintings mounted and framed on the side of the wall, incorporating the colour of the walls around it (blue, green, red and white) and professionally finished with colored molding which will make the paintings look finished, suggesting the inside a local .

Mini Mural #1 – The Bingham Family Orchard
Mini Mural #2 – The Moorhouse Family Verandah
Mini Mural #3 – The Appleby Family, Islington’s First Car
Mini Mural #4 – The Village Shoemaker

The of mini murals will feature the artist’s original style, quality fine art that resembles creativity and accuracy in a colourful impression of the past.

  restored in 2014