Hydraulic Garden (fence mural #1)


Paint the vision, make it plain! When climate change is needed, it is imperative that the urban plan be communicated consistently and effectively in order for it to be identified in the hearts of all people. It is my desire to be a part of the solution, integrating the interests and desires of others into a city plan which serves, protects and strengthens. It is my belief that great art exists not only in galleries where we can appreciate a Mark Rothko or Michelangelo, but it exists in our urban streets, where we can enjoy a Charlie Johnson or Diego Rivera. A huge hydraulic windmill sits on many prairie farms, extending its arms like a flower, hovering over the fields as a reminder of renewable goals. The slender arms of a windmill form the basis of this elongated design. It is shown initially close up, then meandering into the background, like a pathway. Outlines of the windmill divide the space into sub-sections, creating three smaller areas. Renewable energy is generated by planting trees, parks and gardens. The constant motion of the hydraulic windmill suggests interconnectivity. We are constantly dependant on our environment yet it relies on us for continual growth as we rely on each other. Our actions, movement and cycles are repeated and interwoven. It is a constant flow, winding us into a healthy, growing, sustainable future.

How are these natural resources used to create sustainable living? How are residents taking responsibility for their own environmental footprint? Manitoba has made several strides in considering environmental factors. Farmers and residents are using natural methods for irrigation, pest control and organic gardening. Wheat farmers are dedicated to producing high quality crops with favourable yields. Rivers, lakes and streams are lined with natural rock in an effort to decrease erosion caused by flooding.

A green roof and solar panels are also ventures which some have taken on. They are depicted at the end of this mural, to the right. Assiniboine Park has built a new architectural building near the duck pond which has a green roof. It is covered with grass and is naturally watered by the rain. The mural depicts a small house or cottage with a flower or herb garden planted on top of its roof. Three solar panels scatter the horizon.

Please see themuralsofwinnipeg.com for further details.