The Red Barn. This was located just North of Logan Avenue on Keewatin Street. Before it was named and painted red. The Red Barn was known throughout the city for its lively times. Several well known country and western performers were seen there including Del Genthon and his popular CJRC Grainbelters, Wilf Carter and Hank Snow, who reputedly rode his horse around the inside stage. The Red Barn in its final years became a three floor Bingo Hall until its demise in 1980s. A license was issued on June 13th 1938 to Mr. B. A. Patterson of Patterson’s Stables to conduct dances on his property at Keewatin and Logan Avenues. At the time a letter to the Manitoba Tax Commission from the Village Administrator stated “ We understand that a charge of 35 cents is made for admission. A good-sized crowd in attendance every Saturday night. Certain conditions had to be made to the building due to its popularity and crowded conditions. In 1947 charges were made of discrimination against a coloured person. There were inevitable fights and brawls that accompany any busy dance serving liquor.
The Brooklands Speedway – scenery 1950s, Brooklands racer on motorcycle
(located to the northwest of Brooklnads off Oak Point Highway,near Selkirk Avenue, was well known in Western Canada. In 1963 one Stock car race meet saw 4,640 spectators.)
Train – in museum, of an early train 1890.
Stevenson Airfield – plane flying above to symbolize Captain Frederick Joseph Stevenson who became one of Canada’s first bush pilots in 1926.
Brooklands Voluntary Fire Department – 1965 faces put onto a photo taken in 1952.
The Red School, (Krawchyk School Today)
The Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Brooklands
Privy – outhouse is a current photograph, mimicking one in photograph.
In 1957 sanitary sewers and watermains were installed on the remaining streets in Brooklands. Resident water meters were installed for $28.00
Burton Cummings -1960’s – the Early Years
Ferlin Husky – 1964
Beauty Queen on a Ford Thunderbird convertible – carnival in 1970
(Brooklands used to have an annual carnival organised by the Community Club and other groups in the area. At one time it was one of the largest in the Winnipeg area. Carnival Queen Debbie Kohler is shown in 1970)
Residential Houses -Ada Street water pails in 1942 (in the picture, Mr Wowchuck and Mr. Krontiuk are fetching water from a nearby manual water pump staton. There is a wooden bridge on the left side. I will use only the architecture in this photo but not the people.
Mrs. Tataryn and Bill Jr. on Elgin Street (Mom and baby crossing the street)
Canadian Bank of Commerce on Logan – 1906
dancing from 1950’s

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